Menopause on the Tip of the Tongue: Demedicalizing to succeed

Seminar Explores Menopause and Community Support in Portugal

Cristina Mesquita de Oliveira’s Seminar sparked enriching discussions and knowledge-sharing among participants. The Seminar was enriched by Dr Rosa Monteiro’s comment.

Cristina Mesquita de Oliveira is the author of “Descomplicar a Menopausa” (2022) and founder of the Menopause Health Community Movimento Menopausa Divertida Portugal and VIDAs Portuguese Menopause Association. She is the main driver and recognized leader of the movement. With an academic background in Social Sciences, she holds a degree in Communication Sciences and a specialization in Health Economics from the National School of Public Health at NOVA University. A former professional in the Pharmaceutical Industry for 34 years with ongoing medical training in Continuing Medical Education (CME). Author of numerous publications on menopause empowerment, she is a guest speaker at conferences, lectures, workshops, and debates in various contexts. As a Menopause activist, she represents over 50,000 individuals in menopause, including members and followers.

Rosa Monteiro is a distinguished Professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra, CES Researcher, and member of TRACE Advisory Board.

The seminar provided a platform to delve into scientific insights, dispel myths, and uncover the supportive community surrounding the topic of Menopause in Portugal. 🤝

The event was organized within the framework of two significant research projects: REMEMBER – Experiences of LGBTQ Older Persons in Democratic Portugal (1974-2020) [Funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology, I.P./MCTES, ref.: PTDC/SOC-ASO/4911/2021] and TRACE – Tracing Queer Citizenship over Time: Ageing, ageism, and age-related LGBTI+ politics in Europe (ERC Consolidator, GA 101044915).

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