Summer School – Monsters Summer School III – Tracing, remembering and reclaiming queer livesĀ 

The Monsters Summer School III embraces monstrosity in what it offers regarding the undoing of binaries and the celebration of embodied differences. We aim to trace, remember and reclaim monsters through a queer lens. We want to explore monsters as a possible theoretical figuration to escape mainstream celebrations of humanity and to embrace the vivid possibilities offered by interdisciplinary, boundary-crossing contributions from different fields of knowledge. We aim at creating spaces to discuss contributions and experiences that often fall out of the map even within critical studies. Finally, we interrogate the possibilities of creating knowledge from places of estrangement regarding mainstream sources of knowledge production in the academic fields of LGBTQI+ and critical studies.

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This exhibition is the result of a collaboration between projects REMEMBER and TRACE and aims to mark the LGBTQI+ History Month.